So 2016 and time being a mermaid, it was a little less than in previous years. I did get to swim, of course, but there were times where it felt like I spent more time in clothes and shoes than necessary. Is there a land locked name that is equivalent to “land muggle”? Sometimes I felt like that, whatever it would be called.

There were great times to recall-swimming in the Mediterranean ocean, on far opposite ends of the coast, like an ethereal fantasy. At Barceloneta Beach, the water was so salty and cloudy and the beach was crowded with people, some families and some unsavory types eyeing our beach bag. To an extent tops were optional, which was freeing. No one cared and that was just fine. It was enjoyable but I had to stay alert.

Barceloneta Beach

Swimming at Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona, Spain. Floating through the extra salty and cloudy water.

Oh and Long Boat Key, Florida, so luxurious and glittering saltwater. It felt safe and warm there. Lots of time to contemplate life in the water and time slowed down even for just one day. Probably didn’t need those sunglasses underwater, but it was fun anyway.

Long Boat Key

Long Boat Key Beach swim filled with stillness and contemplation.

In all the times where I was able to get into the water, I still wanted to look good for photos. It’s a skosh of silliness to care about makeup underwater, but it’s my art and self expression medium more than just vanity. It is also where I feel at home, free in the water to look and feel the way that I want. The face makeup I discussed in part 1 of this series looked at my favorite foundation and skin coverage. The eyes though, that’s important and what I am here to discuss. Doesn’t matter if I’m at a steamy, crowded music festival or underwater, but keeping your eyes made up and unsmudged takes planning, the right products and the correct application.

Some of my favorites for heat, humidity, and underwater are MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots, the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette, and (new to me) Senna Cosmetics.

Bilbao BBK Live 2016

Music festival eye makeup, it stayed put.

About the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots-My two favorite colors are Clearwater, which is a soft sea form green. A definite staple is Painterly, a nude beige and perfect for a lighter color eyelid base. Suprisingly, these colors can look good on many skin tones especially if you need to make an eyeshadow color “pop”. The other benefit, eyeshadow put on over the Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot will stay put, look unabashedly bright, and remain uncreased. This is a must for under your favorite shadows and long wear in wet and humid conditions.

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot, perfect for humid and wet conditions.

My favorite shadow kit is currently the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette eyeshadow kit. These can be used dry for a traditional look. This palette works for me very well with the Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot as a primer. These shadows can also be applied wet for a lovely foil sheen on the eye. The cool thing about this kit is that the colors transform to look so unique when applied wet. Love it!

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette, so pretty wet or dry.

Another company that I learned about at The Makeup Show in Orlando is Senna Cosmetics. Gorgeous eye shadows that look crisp and vivid even without eyelid primer. Love the deep pigment and the colors. If you’re not familiar with their brand, check it out on the linked site.

The last name I’m gonna drop, is NYX. Love that they are opening their own branded makeup boutiques lately. NYX eyeliner pencils are smooth and long lasting, even in water. The NYX Retractable Eye Liner is perfect for the humid life in Florida or underwater.

Next up, Underwater Glam Series, Part III on lips.

XOXO for now.

Brunch please!

It’s been a while, so hello friends. It’s 2017 and hoping for a fun, peaceful, and productive year. 2016 had some great moments, including going to Spain to climb mountains and visiting so many parts of Florida to go hiking (and a lot to write about). It was not even close to a peaceful year, there were many moments of heartbreak and so many people that will be missed. There were highs and lows, this is life unabridged I guess. So what to do in 2017? Stay committed, optimistic, and above all else, pay attention to life and close to those I love the most. January is almost half way over and I’m just now getting a slow start start by participating in the Lady Track Shack event on January 28, 2017.

Did this race last year for the first time with friends. It’s for a really great cause, supporting women’s health. The event is helping women celebrate their health in areas like overcoming breast cancer and providing screening mammograms. This is the 40th year of this event celebrating women’s health. That’s a lot of longevity for a running event, so it’s pretty popular here and usually sells out every year. Did I mention for the last few years the Lady Track Shack registration also includes a
Raw Threads tee, yasss queen, so nice! If you’re not familiar with their company check it out. So much softness and adorable Disney inspired designs from this local Florida based company. Have to admit, I have one of their mermaid themed tees and I love it.

Lady Track Shack 2016 done

Post race euphoria and dog snuggles.

After the event we had a great time hanging out with the dogs and brunching outside. The little guy liked being held and wearing a metal.

Brunch please!

Done with the 5K and brunching so hard.

The dogs looking for some post 5K snacks at brunch. They had lots of good stuff and head pats too, soaking it all in.

Sleepy dogs after brunch.

Looking forward to another exciting even with all my ladies. See you all *early* on January 28, 2017 in Winter Park. If you’re looking for more information on the Lady Track Shack event, go to to read more. Cheers to 2017!

Photo by:

What do you write about when you are not in the water? I guess Winter is a great time to cover all those topics that I am too busy to dive into during the summer. Like Summer face…you know what I am talking about. Keeping your look from melting. I know it’s out of season to give melting makeup tips, but the number one question I am asked is how (and what) do you put on your face when you know you’re going to be in the water. This topic, it’s close to the heart of any person that lives in a hot and humid climate too. There are days that just walking down the street here will rival sticking your face in a vat of steam, it’s that humid. Here are some tricks and products that will keep your underwater mermaid and humid street glow in check.

Dry Mermaid time

Before getting all wet. Landlocked mermaid style, lashes and all.

Mixing a good quality primer and foundation will make your complexion glow underwater or anywhere. The primer and the foundation mix looks soft and dewy, but it sticks to your skin like magic. This is the perfect coverage that you’ve been looking for (sorry got a little Star Wars-ish there).

Some items that work for me on coverage that are long lasting: Boots No 7 Lift and Luminate Foundation and Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

For primers I use both

mermaid tail

Fall is here and the I’m ready to wind down the all-summer-party-in-the-water. This summer I ventured to the West Coast of Florida to meet with the The Mertailor to buy a partial silicone tail.


Designer Eric Ducharme, aka The Mertailor

I’ve made a few of my own fabric tails and it’s big work, the planning, the fabric, and then the sewing time, so much of creative energy to expend but it’s fun. It’s great if you love sewing, but sometimes I want to get to the end of the process, like immediately (see my past tail tutorial here at I’m very happy to put this “need” (um, want) in the hands of a professional tail maker like Eric. I’ve been putting off the process of acquiring a more realistic mermaid tail because it’s such a big commitment, a commitment to yourself-just the way you are today.

When you are fitted for the custom tail, it’s with your measurements. The mermaid tail is a custom creation with your own very personal specifications. It seems simple but it was an emotional journey for me. It is larger ticket item but also a confirmation that it’s worth it to outfit yourself exactly as you are today in the best outfit for the day. Little Edie would approve, “So I think this is the best costume for today”.


Little Edie

I agree

I had the realization that selecting the tail was not the high point of this process. The awareness that I’m not going to someday soon be a size 6 was the hard part to swallow. Living in the “now” and capturing the measurements, it was unnerving to me, but it meant it was okay. I’m okay the way I am, and this tail is a reflection of me

For those that think you can’t swim like this, it’s very possible and so enjoyable. Swimming in a mermaid tail requires training, practice, and starting very slow in the water.

Here are some tips to get started:

1. Shallow water or a kid’s pool is an ideal place to start.

2. If you’re not a seasoned swimmer this can be dangerous, so never go swimming alone, especially in a tail.

3. Ocean swimming is very treacherous since there are currents, riptides, undertow, and waves.

4. Have a plan for tail removal in case of panic or unfavorable water conditions.

Here is a clip from my recent swim in the Bahamas at Little Stirrup Cay on the island of Coco Cay. It took some time to find a comfortable spot to swim, but this was it. Great lighting and lots of seagrass, it was gorgeous.

Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Florida

It’s winter and here I am off-loading summertime pics from my GoPro and wishing it was summer again. I would be okay with a little heat and salt water. Last Summer, after lots of planning and some failed attempts, my husband and I finally made it to the Coral Gables Venetian Pool. Disclaimer: This post has taken me way too long to write, but I’m feeling nostalgic today.

Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Florida

On the way into The Venetian Pool

About The Venetian Pool-this place is straight out of the past. Like “1924” past, it

Bye sea

The next day of the Mermaids-By-The-Sea event was over so quickly. Around 10:00 A.M. is when Allen the Grouper came in from accomplishing the world record dive. It was planned for noon, but I guess when you’re done you just know it. It was a big accomplishment to stay underwater all that time, it must have taken a lot of stamina and bravery.

All of the mermaids that were there for the event hurried to get to the beach in time for Allen’s return from sea. There were lots of photographers and press there, including the Sun Sentinel covering the event throughout the weekend.

Waiting in the waves

Waiting for Allen The Grouper to come to shore.


Celebrating Allen’s return to land. All the mermaids gathered to cheer him on.

Had a little fun with the fellow mermaids from Sirens of the Deep Mermaid Camp. Attended camp with these ladies in 2011 and 2012 and we have stayed close since. Taking a group underwater photo is always a challenge. This photo was the best of many tries. Sea water is so different from a spring or a pool, much harder to stay under because of the salinity. So fun to swim wildly in a tail in the sea. No rules, just you and the sea.


A well coordinated attempt for an underwater photo with Mermaid Lynne, myself, Mermaid Tiffany, and Mermaid Tammi.

After Allen came in, my husband, Mermaid Tiffany, and I used the dive line to swim out into deeper water to check out the underwater environment and to take one last peek at the BioRock U.S.A. project. The ocean current was really strong so we had to hold on to the line or risk getting swept away under the pier.

Deep water swim

Swimming in deep ocean water with Mermaid Tiffany. It was a challenge and glad we made it out and back!

Lots of swimming ended the afternoon. It was stunningly beautiful underwater in South Florida. Lots of fish hanging out near the coral at Lauderdale-By-The-Sea.

Pure underwater bliss

These underwater moments with my husband are pure bliss (he’s finning in the back).

Wet kiss

Underwater kiss with my husband.

Seaweed and floating time

Floating along with the seaweed at Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. Serious zen time.

There was a lot to love about this event, it was a gathering of mermaids and some mermen, nothing too structured or rigid. No beauty contests, or competitions, just a hangout by the sea and talking with everyone in the aquatic community about shared interests. Learned about scuba diving and more about the Foundation.

It was nice to see the Sirens of the Deep Mermaid Camp teachers, Kristal, Beverly, and Susie. Hope this event comes back next year. I have heard a rumor that the event will return to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea next year-can’t wait!

Former Weeki Wachee Mermaids

Tiffany and I hanging with the teachers from the Weeki Wachee Sirens of the Deep Mermaid Camp. Talented ladies, great mentors, and teachers.

On Shore

So much to say here, I could seriously write about three blog posts on this. Actually, it’s a good idea to split this up. The words have been flowing out of me, words like “world record”, “underwater mermaid wedding”, and did I mention spending all that time in saltwater? Actually submerged in sea water-it was just so free and easy. I could just stay under there forever.

On Shore

Getting ready to roll (not so gracefully) into the water from the seashore.

My husband and I headed to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea for Allen the Grouper’s world record longest open water saltwater scuba dive, and the underwater wedding of the incomparable Mermaid Queen, Barbara Wynns. Barbara is truly one of a kind. One of the most amazing women out there, a wonderful teacher, a mentor, an athlete, a superb scuba diver, and above all else an expert mermaid. I could talk about her all day and still not tell you everything cool there is to know about her. She’s a real mermaid, when you ask her she will tell you that her “…reality is just different than yours”. Sometime in the future I plan devote a whole blog post to Barbara, that is if I can catch up with her to chat about the details.

Mermaid wedding

Mermaid Kristi, Mermaid Barbara, and I before her underwater wedding.

During the weekend visit to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea we snorkeled and dived down to check out the coral restoration project called BioRock U.S.A.. Metal frames with very low electrical charge are used to encourage coral growth. The electricity is provided through solar charge on the buoys that are close to the coral habitat. The constant low electrical charge prevents metal rust and encourages natural limestone formation. This project is unique to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. This is an important conservation project that you can swim out to see anytime. Florida can be awesome, it’s things like this that I love about this state!

Coral restoration by BioRock USA

Coral restoration project by BioRock USA

Not too far away from the BioRock U.S.A. project is where Barbara and Allen’s underwater wedding took place. Allen had been down there for a few days before the wedding, working on a world record saltwater dive. Getting out to sea, where the wedding would take place, you could hop on a boat or do what most of us mermaids did, just swim out in our tails using a stationary dive line as a guide. It was a fun adventure and so much swimming. Not for the physically weak or novice swimmer. The ocean current is manageable when you swim underwater in a tail, but not as easy to navigate at the surface of the water. I kept thinking about Diana Nyad and how much harder she must have had it while swimming continuously in the ocean. She probably needed a tail, well, maybe. Just a thought.

Lots of swimming!

Swimming out to the underwater wedding with Mermaid Tiffany.

The wedding group underwater used S.C.U.L.S. (self contained underwater loud speakers) to communicate, so it was easy to hear voices underwater as soon your head was submerged. There were some logistics to work out for positioning and safety by the wedding party. A few mermaids and mermen dived down to be with Barbara and Allen during the wedding.

Wedding logistics

Working out positions for the underwater wedding.

Finally everyone was assembled to watch and listen to the wedding. It was really a special event to do this underwater and all the extra preparation to make this happen. Our group of mermaids had to take care not to drift away with the ocean currents while watching the wedding.

The wedding party

Everyone is here for the wedding now!

All of the mermaids dispersed quickly after the wedding since there was a typical Florida afternoon storm coming. Mermaid Queen Lynne had organized some fun evening activities, including an art gallery visit to see the art exhibit of Andreas Franke’s The Sinking World. Check it out at, gorgeous work.

Sinking World of Andreas Franke

The Sinking World of Andreas Franke Art Exhibit.

So more posts coming soon, including the conclusion of the world record dive for Allen The Grouper, some fun hanging out with former Weeki Wachee mermaids, and a day at the historical (yet

Airboating with Marsh Landing Adventures

Sometimes I want to be in the water so much I forget how nice it is too be ON the water. Guess you don’t always have to be submerged to enjoy the relaxation that water brings. Recently I had a chance, for the first time, to go on an Airboat tour of Central Florida wetlands with Marsh Landing Adventures in Kissimmee.

Marsh Landing Adventures

Out on Lake Toho early in the morning with Marsh Landing Adventures

Early two Saturdays ago my husband and I packed up our gear and headed to Kissimmee. The city of Kissimmee is right next to all the big Florida theme parks, but instead of waiting in line for park rides, we enjoyed some time with nature. It was a really slow morning for me, I had just returned from a trip out of town with a delayed evening flight BUT it was so worth it to get up early and get out into nature. By nature I mean exotic birds, wild life, fresh air, and a few Florida gators, both large and small. We took off with Captain Bill right around 9am. Captain Bill was a character from the beginning and had us giggling during the safety check. He gave me pink earmuffs, so I was feeling kind of special from the start.

Marsh Landing Adventures

Marsh Landing Adventures

Airboat fashion

Airboat fashion!

We were slowly cruising on Lake Tohopekaliga, called “Lake Toho” by the locals. This beautiful wetland and lake is about four miles wide and fourteen
miles long, seriously majestic! It is part of what’s known as the Shingle Creek area and is the headwaters of the Florida Everglades. It’s far north of the Everglades, but still interconnected.

Lake Tohopekaliga

On the way down Lake Toho

Our first wildlife encounter was with an American eagle off in the distance. After that was “Miss Susie” the gator (that’s what the Captain called her anyway). Susie was dutifully guarding her eggs and was there because her nest was close by. I don’t often think of gators as cute, but it was heartwarming to see her maternal instinct was keeping her on her toes (or rather claws?) to make sure we didn’t overstep our boundary. We learned that gators create an incubator with mud and grass as a place to lay their eggs. Oddly, placement of eggs determines gender. The gator’s skin functions like a sensory capture device and helps them to have a heightened sense of perception. So if you see a gator coming, get out of their way.


Miss Susie the gator

It became clear to me at this point that this is a really cool eco tour and Marsh Landing Adventures are so conscientious of the habitat and not disturbing the wildlife. It was novel to be so close and see the wildlife in their undisturbed natural habitat. There was so much lush plant life, a vibrant area full of activity. We took a very zen time-out to pause, reflect, and stare at the beauty and stillness of the Lotus flower in the water. Captain Bill stopped the airboat and let us soak it all in for a few quiet minutes.

Yellow Lotus

Yellow Lotus

Some other creatures we noticed, these strange little birds popping up on the aquatic plants. These are called Purple Galineau birds and they are not webfooted, so cute and a bit clumsy, they looked like little turkeys. Also saw a Snake bird known as an Anahinga, bobbing around mostly underwater with it’s head sticking up and looking like a snake. The Captain pointed out an endangered hawk up in the tree towards the end of the tour. That was something that I would not have spotted on my own. The hawk was just on the branch up high, performing lookout duty. Here is a link to my short GoPro video of the airboat ride.

Great things about this tour-the fresh air and doing a few wide turns on on the airboat. Airboats can really move fast! I didn’t realize this and it was an exhilarating ride through water and aquatic plants, going places I would be too inexperienced to explore on my own. If you go bring sunglasses, sunblock, a wind breaker (if you are a chilly person), and a camera to capture some gorgeous landscape and wildlife. Earmuffs are provided and you will need to wear them to protect your hearing. Bring some cash to tip your boat crew too, they deserve it. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Airboating with Marsh Landing Adventures

Hello Nature.

*I received two complimentary airboat ride tickets in exchange for writing a blog post detailing my opinion of this adventure. All opinions and experiences detailed in this post, positive or negative, are my own.

Ying-yang mermaid floating

June was so busy and fun. It was so much fun that I think I may have contracted social fatigue. Is that possible? It might be the opposite of FOMO. This month I worked on a tail tutorial for the amazing, an online writers’ forum started by a champion for all women, Jane Pratt. Here is a link to the article that was published on My goal with this tail was to make it very easy and low cost. Tail-making can turn into a big expense if you are excessive with the ornamentation. In my opinion, getting into character as a mermaid looks better with a streamlined appearance. Too many fussy details can take away from the experience of wearing a tail for enjoyment and swimming. Initially I had a yard of neoprene planned to add to the fluke (the tail fin) portion of the tail. I opted to leave the neoprene out and use it for a new tail I plan to make that will be more formal. Formal as in, you never know when you will have to go all Holly Golightly underwater.

Just a disclaimer: I am a trained mermaid with many hours of practice swimming in a monofin and mermaid tail. If you have any apprehension or are not the swimming type, don’t get into the water with your limbs bound in a tail, monofin, or anything else. Safety first friends. This tail design is perfectly acceptable to wear when lounging poolside and staying out of the water. Just don’t try to walk in it. You will need a mertender to bring you poolside beverages, think of that part as a fringe benefit.

Read the article here:
Make This: A Mermaid Tail You Can Swim WIth DIY Mermaid Tail Tutorial DIY Mermaid Tail Tutorial

Excited to try my new tail and I found out a mermaid meetup was organized at Blue Springs State Park. Growing up in Florida, I went to “The Springs” all the time as a kid. I mean all the time. It’s still a big deal to go now, even more so since it’s a rare treat to find time to drive there early in the day.

Blue Springs State Park is a special place, it’s where the manatee like to congregate in the winter because of the springs’ constant 73 degree water temperature. The swimming area is closed through mid-November to March to allow the manatee some peace and safety during their designated season. It’s often claimed that manatee where mistaken for underwater maidens by sailors, so it’s fitting that our mermaid group met up at Blue Springs. Honestly, I can see the likeness and it’s not an insult (not to me, maybe to the manatee it is). The manatee is a gentle and fine looking mammal. Here is a comparison, I can see the likeness.

manatee or mermaid?

Mermaid or Manatee? I’m sure many sailors have been confused too

Many of the Florida Springs are at capacity on the weekends during the warmer months. So I want to say a special thank you to Blue Springs State Park for letting our mermaid pod swim and stay together at the springs while there were so many park guests visiting. We were treated very kindly by the park staff and given a warm and genuine invitation to return. Here are some photos from our time in the water at Blue Springs:

Ying-yang mermaid floating

Zen floating experience in the spring current. So easy to just float along

Mermaid hang out at Blue Springs

You can’t swim with us. Just kidding. These are some really friendly and skilled mermaids

Meramids can hang

Just sitting on a log in the water enjoying the shade

Mermaiding at Blue Springs

Reflection time in the greenish spring water